23 Animals Who’ve Mastered the Art of Sitting

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Living close to humans has had a profound impact on the sitting habits of cats and dogs. They have begun imitating the way humans sit. They sit in front of laptops pretending to be doing serious work, chill next to you on the couch while watching movies, and even give you the angry stare, sitting on your chair, if you are late in serving them the dinner.

Bright Side made an interesting collection of photographs of cats and dogs who are trying to sit and act like humans.

1. Thinking about life…

2. I got 8 more lives. Might as well spend one chillin.’

3. Give me a Nintendo Switch. This DS is outdated.

4. Don’t dare disturb me while I watch Puss in Boots.

5. It’s lunchtime…

6. Why hasn’t anyone cleaned my litter box yet?

7. The service at this cafe is despicable.

8. The tent is set. Soon it will be barbeque time.

9. I know my princess will come one day…

10. Movie time…

11. This is how I take a power nap when the boss is not in the office.

12. This is how I look after waking up early on a wintery morning.

13. No way!! I am not going to go on diet.

14. I’ve been waiting so long. I don’t know when the store opens.

15. I am the manager here…

16. The contemplating cat

17. Thug life

18. Meditating

19. I was walking upstairs to my girlfriend’s bedroom and found her cat like this.

20. Try me…

21. Exhausted

22. She’s 100% done with me taking photos of her on her birthday.

23. Well, you reached the end of this article. Am I not the cutest of them all?

Do your pets also sometimes try to sit like humans? If you have photographs share them with us.

Preview photo credit childor / imgur, AtomicDuck3 / imgur